Achievements are Coming to The Unspoken!

Logging in to your Oculus account, you may notice something new under The Unspoken. What’s this? Achievements? Why are they locked?! Well, let us explain!

Coming on February 28 in Arcane Update 2.0, we’re introducing a brand-new progression system. The system includes ranks and arch-mage titles to reward longevity and skill–can you ascend from Novice to Supreme… and beyond?

We’re also introducing achievements that reward class- and artifact-mastery. There’s an achievement for every class and play style. You’ll work towards class-specific achievements for the Anarchist, Kineticist, and Blackjack–and new classes, on the way very soon!

Why are they showing up and why are they locked? We are turning these on now for testing, so you will see them in the Oculus app, but they will be locked until the new Arcane Update goes live. We will have more information on that update, including all the changes that are coming, soon. Tune in Friday, February 24, on Twitch for an early look.

Don’t forget to join us TODAY at 5pm Eastern / 2pm Pacific / 10pm UTC in Ranked during our weekly Play with Dev event.