Booth 2312….

Well…the first posting went well! Got positive responses, so I see this as a smashing success!! I’m really excited to be writing this next blog posting – and I feel more in the groove, I kind of get why people write blogs. So we’ll see how this one goes!

Topic #2, Blog #2… GDC 2010 (insert “Ride of the Valkyries” music here).

GDC 2010 is literally just around the corner – and while I somehow feel like it snuck up on me this year, I am excited and looking forward to it. I think GDC is a great time for everyone to get together under one BIG roof (Thanks Moscone Center!!) to meet, discuss, share stories and exchange ideas. It’s also a great time to catch up with all the industry people who you only really get to see once a year or so, when said GDC happens. I’m sure it is a totally different experience to attend the conference and seminars as it is to be “working” the show. That said- I think there are a couple of hints or tips I want to share – to maybe shed some light on, and help navigate the Career section of the show.

1) It’s loud… it’s really loud, (and it might be even louder this year with everyone on one floor!) Sometimes I can hardly hear my own voice – let alone the person who is right in front of me. So if I ask you to repeat yourself –I promise – I did not faze out on you- I just cannot hear a thing going on in there.

2) For Insomniac Games – we are going to ask you to apply directly to our website. This is not a personal thing – it’s a green thing. We could/would be shipping home crate after crate of paper and plastics… and risk losing all that vital info in the mail – so we ask you to submit on-line. Go GREEN! (This will also save you from lugging around a huge backpack of paperwork too!)

3) There are lots of people. LOTS. I would love to spend all the time I can with everyone who comes up to the booth – but it’s just not possible. Both Julie (our HR rep in the NC office) and I would love to gab for days – but there are just TONS of people… Come on by, we are there to see you, we WANT chat with you – but know that this is not the time for an in depth interview- we’ll call you after the show for that!

4) A pet-peeve of mine that happens every year, one person will come up to the booth and ask “So… Insomniac Games… what do you do?” Now if you are reading this blog- you are well informed! But just feel my pain on that one for a moment. I will be honest … I usually claim something crazy, and then say the truth. “We make mind controlled peripherals that can only be used at night hence the name … but we are really known for Ratchet and Clank, Spyro and Resistance”… it might be wrong – but it is funny. So check out who is going to be there – and if you don’t recognize the name – look them up – the internet is pretty handy for that. Every exhibitor is listed on the GDC website.

5) Enjoy yourself! Have fun – talk with every booth, get as much info as you can, absorb everything. We are there for three days! There is plenty of time to take it all in. We work in an amazing industry, and we are really lucky that we get to get together like this!

Until next time…