Brave Gowns

Several years ago, we were introduced to Starlight Children’s Foundation and the amazing work they do around the country to support children with chronic and terminal illnesses and their families. What was particularly cool was the way distractive entertainment played a huge part in how they helped kids stuck in the hospital better cope with their pain. We immediately began supporting Starlight’s Nintendo Fun Centers and created multiple campaigns to raise funds, meet kids and answer wishes. We even created an Adopt-a-Hospital program for the holidays to send much needed supplies and toys to local hospitals around Los Angeles and Durham. These have all been amazing opportunities for us to spread the word and show our support for such a worthwhile charity.

But nothing has been quite as near and dear to our heart as our recent Brave Gowns campaign.

Starlight Children’s Foundation told us stories of how young children are brought into the hospital and they may not even have a pair of pajamas of their own to wear. When they must be hospitalized and wear a hospital gown, the fabric is rough and the design doesn’t allow for much in the way of modesty. As adults we can certainly understand how terrifying it can be to be in the hospital and the awkwardness of wearing a gown that has your rear-end hanging out for the word to see– but what if you’re a kid? That must be super scary and intimidating!

Starlight had a solution though – the Brave Gown – designed with dignity in mind and easier access to allow for IV’s, tubes and other medical devices. These gowns allow kids of all ages to become a superhero or a princess or a pirate or a doctor. The designs are plentiful, cool and diverse. Best of all, they are soft and unique and special. When Starlight told us about Brave Gowns we immediately got involved. We knew that we had plenty of talented Insomniacs that would love to create a Brave Gown!

The incredible designs submitted made it difficult to pick just one, but we did.

We then launched our campaign to donate 1,000 Brave Gowns with the intention of Insomniac Games matching an additional 1,000 so that we could get 2,000 Brave Gowns into local hospitals before the holidays. We’re one-third of our way to our goal and we’re not giving up!

If you’d like to join in our campaign and donate we say YES and THANK YOU! Making a difference in the lives of sick kids is what it’s all about.