Changes Coming to Insomniac Live

2018 was an amazing year! For more reasons than one. Yes, there was THAT game, but we also had our first full year of Insomniac Live. We streamed more than 250 times and gained over 3900 new followers on Twitch! For that, we thank all of you who joined us. But 2019 is a new year and that means new, bigger things!

Starting January 21st Insomniac Live is changing.

You’ll be able to watch us on MORE channels. We are adding YouTube, Mixer, Facebook and Periscope (Twitter) on top of Twitch.

You’ll be able to watch us MORE. We are moving our streams to Monday, Wednesday and Friday only, but instead of just one hour, we will be streaming for 3 HOURS!

We’ll be streaming COAST TO COAST. What does that mean? It means our Durham, North Carolina studio will be streaming for around 90 minutes and then toss it over to our Burbank, California studio for the next 90 minutes. Think of the frequent flyer miles we will get!

Streams will also start to follow more structure. For example, Monday’s we will stream current released games. On Wednesdays, we will stream Insomniac-related games. Fridays? Well those could be any number of things. Fight Club Friday, IRL (In Real Life) developer features, Let’s Race, Fan’s Choice, etc.

We will continue to evolve our streams over time, but this is the next step. We hope to see many more of you joining us.

As always, we would love to hear from you. Join our Discord (#insomniac_live channel) or post your feedback on Reddit.