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Frequently Asked Questions

For console game support, please contact the support number/email in your game manual or in-game.

For issues related to download, code redemption, or hardware, please contact PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, or Oculus support directly.

For questions regarding video usage on sites like YouTube and Twitch please check our Policy.

For general questions you can also contact us via Twitter or Facebook.

General Inquiries

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Spyro the Dragon?
Activision owns the Spyro IP. Please direct all questions to them.

What is the release date for GAME NAME?
If the release date is not posted on our website, that is because the game does not have one or doesn’t have one more specific. If you don’t hear it from us or the game’s publisher, it is likely a placeholder date.

When are you going to remaster GAME NAME?
We don’t do remasters directly. For games like Ratchet & Clank and Resistance, that is handled by Sony Interactive Entertainment. For Spyro, that would be Activision.

You can also contact us via Twitter or Facebook.

Press Inquiries

  • Please include any relevant outlet/channel information including URLs.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a media outlet or content creator, please fill out this form with your request. We will do our best to get back to you quickly. Please include all relevant channel/outlet information to make the process easier.

Looking for interviews/info not related to a game specifically?
It is best to have those ready to go and submit them with your form. We cannot guarantee answers, but we will do our best.

Looking for review codes/copies?
We do our best to accommodate everyone based on their channel size and reach. We cannot fulfill all requests, however, if you submit your relevant channel/outlet information that will greatly help things.

Some review copies are only provided by the game’s publisher.

Just want to be on our list for future games?
Please be sure to include the types of games, platforms and type of content you create.


Frequently Asked Questions

If I don’t see a job that fits my skillset will you accept my resume anyway?
You can complete an online profile and opt to be notified of future openings that match your skills and apply in the future.

When will I hear from you about my application?
We review all submissions within 72 hours and reach out to qualified candidates within 7-10 days.

How can I get a tour of the studio?
Sorry. Our studio is closed to the public and we aren’t available to give tours.


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