Help Me, Help You… or Something Like That.

This one is short and sweet – just like the sentiment behind this blog post. I hope it sheds some light on a recent phenomenon that we have noticed.

I recently received an email from one of our employees asking about how to respond to an email from a student asking how to get into the games industry. Sounds normal and noble – right? The issue was – we had no idea what the student was studying, what they were looking to do, and where they wanted to be! Were they an artist? Designer? Programmer? Were they looking to get into console games? Indie? Mobile? Did they have any experience with internships, or side projects, or did they just think it would be neat to be in the games space and wanted to know how to get in? Sadly – this is not an uncommon mistake that we run into and I often find myself emailing the person back to get a better idea of what they are doing, and really getting at. Once I hear back with the pertinent info, we can then start to have a true discussion about their future in games. Seems pretty straightforward – right?

So – why am I writing about this? It’s to ask those of you who write in with the question of “How to get into the games industry” to help me help you! Give me something to go from so that I can answer thoughtfully. Remember, I’m getting dozens of these requests, and not only does what you ask leave an impression, but how you ask, and do you respect my time in responding, does too. The more info you give on your background or field of study, the better our answers are going to be. We may even have been, or I can put you in touch with someone who has been exactly in your shoes (or damn close) to relate (thus helping us, help you). Now- that does not mean you need to send us your whole life story, or share more than you want to (or need to)! What it does mean is that you have to give us something to go from. Are you still in school? What year? What is your major? Have any previous internship experience? What are you working on now – either in school or out? Where do you see yourself- or what would you like to do? There are simple things that you can share that will ensure you get the best answer possible and maybe even a little practical advice. Will it bring about world peace? I’m going to say probably not. But, it may give you some insight and leg up on how to reach your goal of being in the games industry. Because let me tell you – it’s awesome, and I cannot imagine being anywhere else.

Until next time…