Insomniac Games Announces Strangelets for Magic Leap

Hi Everyone,

First off, it’s an honor to represent Insomniac and talk about what a small group of Insomniacs have been working on over the past year. I’ve been with Insomniac for nearly 14 years, helping lead the art team on titles for the PS3, PS4, Oculus, and, most recently, Magic Leap.

Around this time last year at L.E.A.P Con in Los Angeles, Insomniac announced Seedling, our first experimental experience developed and designed from the ground up specifically for Magic Leap’s spatial computing platform. With Seedling, our team experimented with using the player’s space along with their real-world time and weather to influence gameplay, wrapping it all in a charming story about overcoming challenges that only Insomniac can tell.

Seedling was the first paid app launched on World, the Magic Leap app store, and is currently the top-selling paid-for app. Players have nurtured, grown, and customized virtual alien lifeforms on their kitchen tables, desks, nightstands, and floors.

After the launch of Seedling, our small team of spatial computing pioneers were more inspired than ever by the potential of this new platform. We were ready to dive headfirst into our next experimental experience and to continue collaborating with our passionate partners at Magic Leap. Our goal moving forward was to build on lessons learned from Seedling and to venture into new territories of spatial computing not yet experienced by players.

Today we are announcing Strangelets, Insomniac Games’ newest experience made for the Magic Leap platform. Like Seedling, Strangelets was created using Insomniac Games’ proprietary tech.

In Strangelets, players continue to confront the effects of “The Schmelling Incident,” a catastrophic cosmic event that served as the catalyst for Seedling’s story. In this case, we discover that the Incident has caused alien creatures from across the galaxy to become trapped in pockets between dimensions.

With the help of a mysterious companion known only as “Bulby,” Strangelets invites players to search their homes for dimensional rifts, reach inside to rescue strange alien creatures, then care for their collection by using harvested energy from real-world objects. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that encourages physical movement through multiple rooms, transforming players’ familiar spaces into a playground of discovery and surprise. And of course, no Insomniac game would be complete without a story worthy of retelling. The Strangelets experience features a heartwarming tale of co-workers, friendship, and dimensional bubbles that unfolds in real-time.

Welcome to Strangelets, the alien husbandry experience you have been waiting for, by Insomniac Games for Magic Leap. Download the app now for $4.99!

-Nathaniel Bell, Creative Director