The Unspoken – Midway Pier

A rusty cast-iron mermaid drowns in lakeshore mud. Bleached wooden swings clack in the wind. A cracked neon sign snaps and hisses, but never illuminates. Are these relics from the park’s halcyon opening? Or are they tawdry reproductions from its doomed nineteen seventies remodel?

A voice cries out from beyond the veil. Pillars arise, and the council approves a new arena for the Duel! Introducing the Midway Pier, where Spellcasters clash in a vacant lakeside amusement park. The Pier layout is designed with a low sheltered home pedestal, two forward mid-height flanking pedestals, and two high-elevation pedestals. Skilled casters weave their spells through the metal scaffolds of dormant rides to banish their adversaries.

Night falls after the second round, and the park comes alive with novelties:

  • Moving obstacles. Attractions lurch and spin; the swinging ship creates dynamic cover for skilled magicians.
  • Neutral pillars. Two non-aligned purple pillars are accessible by either spellcaster. They offer advantages in the form of:
  • Mystic concessions. A strength game manifests offensive fireworks; a concession stand offers healing deep-fried manna.

As motors whine, the Summon Orb appears. Breaking it shatters the other-dimensional shackles that bind an ancient guardian to its Ferris Wheel form. The Midway Spider looms over the park, coating pillars in its sweeping spectral webs. It will drain your life-essence as it drains electric power from the grid.

Cheap flashing lights distract unworthy magicians. These amusements are fleeting, but the status earned here lasts until the slate is wiped clean. Maintain focus, and stay hidden!

Ever Watching,