Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To create games that have a positive and lasting influence on people’s lives.

Our games promote positive messages. We tell stories about good overcoming evil. We focus on positive themes like friendship, self-sacrifice and fighting for the greater good. And we walk the walk ourselves through our inclusive workplace culture and industry leadership.

Our Mission

To inspire players with stories of underdogs overcoming colossal challenges

These are the types of stories we love to tell. It’s how we view ourselves too. Even after 25 years, we see ourselves as the scrappy underdog fighting against giants in this industry — and succeeding in the face of what often seem like impossible odds.

To create unforgettable worlds that gamers cherish

We are world builders. We challenge ourselves to create unforgettable settings, characters and gameplay. We also aspire to deliver the highest quality audio and visuals possible.

To set the industry bar with our craftsmanship

We take great pride in our work. And we set out to achieve best-in-class results across all of our disciplines, investing heavily in training and development.

To challenge and inspire each other within our collaborative culture

We consistently work together across departments and our two studio locations. We are open, honest and respectful in all our interactions.

To calibrate our work for broad appeal and commercial success

We create accessible, fine-tuned games that can succeed commercially with a global audience.

To help the less fortunate by supporting worthwhile causes

We actively support charitable initiatives with a particular focus on helping children. And we step up in times of need to assist local, national and international causes.

To be leaders in the game development community

We share our knowledge with our peers and lead by example with how we treat fans and friends. Furthermore, we’re not afraid to speak out on topics of fairness and diversity.