VR Challenger League – Changes

We are now entering Week 7 for the VR Challenger League and things have been going great! 8 different players from across North America and Europe have claimed cups so far. We can’t stress enough, that there is still time to compete and earn points and cash! You could even get invited to IEM Oakland or DreamHack Winter… or, better yet, the Grand Finals!


We have heard you loud and clear. Based on your feedback and our data, we have some changes coming starting this week (Week 7 Cups). We wanted to shake up the cups a little bit, while allowing more people to compete. We now have new a new cup date and times, cup sizes, and duel format.

New Day and Time

Both NA and EU cups are moving to Saturdays. Weekends have had higher play rates and we wanted to give more people a chance to jump into the duel. We have looked at those stats, as well as, your survey of preferred times. Please check ESL Play for your true local times, but the new times will be:

Smaller Bracket Size

We are lowering the number of people per bracket from 16 to 8. This will allow MORE people to compete for that cash prize AND allow people a better shot at gaining points.

Best of Three

All duels will now be best of three matches. Each match is still best of three rounds. So instead of playing 3 rounds max, you could play 9 rounds across 3 matches. Using the ESL Play orb to start your duel will now allow for a rematch at the end of the match. The loser of the first match will be allowed to pick the arena for the next match. The client (or lower seeded player) will still pick the arena for the FIRST match. After you compete two matches, you will be asked to rematch again. At that point, if one player is up 2-0, the duel is over. If the duel is 1-1, you would rematch for a 3rd and final time.


Lockport Bridge

We have added Lockport Bridge to the Arena selection per the requests we received.

Registration and Check-In

While there aren’t changes to this process, we wanted to remind everyone that they MUST register AND check-in each week to compete. Even if you played before, you have to register for the new cups. Usually they are available one or two weeks in advance. Once you are registered however, it is imperative that you check-in 30 mins before the start time. If you don’t, you will not be placed in a cup to compete.


Your feedback and ideas have been invaluable to making The Unspoken better. We look forward to continuing to support the game and we hope you have enjoyed the free content we have added throughout the year.

Now that Arcane Update 6.0 is live, we wanted to get your opinion on the state of the game and the community. We are not collecting any personal information here and we will not track or contact you in any way. We’d greatly appreciate it if you had a moment to complete the following survey.

Send Us Your Videos

Do you stream or record your matches? How about both? Great! Send us your favorite highlights. Now that autocam is available to all, Tweet, share, or post your stream or recorded highlights. We would love to start featuring the best ones. Make sure we have a way to contact you when you send us a link!

We can’t wait to see how things shake up and who will be invited to IEM Oakland and DreamHack Winter! As always, please send us your thoughts either via The Unspoken Discord, reddit or Twitter.

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