The Unspoken: Arcane Update 6.0

Greetings Spellcasters,

As Season 1 draws to a close, Arcane Update 6.0 goes live!

You’ll display your prowess with the new Desktop Spectator auto-cam, etch your name in the eternal ledger with the Archival Leaderboard, and duel a more formidable Lenore. He’s waiting for you!

AND, you’ll wear a Mystic Crown–Season 1 winners earn headgear befitting an ascendant Arch-Mage.

Season 2 of The Unspoken begins on August 24th. The competition is fierce. But to the victors go the spoils! Play ranked matches to win in-game rewards. And don’t forget to sign up at ESL for the VR Challenger League!

Behold the wonders that await you in the Astral Plane!

Ever Watching,
The Unspoken






Full Update Notes


  • Autocam: Stream matches like an Arch-Mage with the new desktop spectator features, available in the Options Menu.
  • Spectator UI: Matches are easier to follow with a new viewport-friendly vertical overlay.
  • Record your name in the Ledger: Archival leaderboards are viewable at the Chalkboard. Season 1 has officially ended, Season 2 will begin 08.24.17.
  • Wear the Crown: Season 1 rewards are now available at the Celestial Mirror.
  • Lenore difficulty settings: Hone your skills and practice to perfection with a new difficulty setting, accessible with the Solo Duel orb at the Map Table.
  • New Shield Behavior: High-damage spells will now travel through Gesture Shields to deal reduced damage to the player. Spillover damage has been removed from all Gesture Shields.



  • Fireball: Reduced the max charge time.
    • This change gives the anarchist a significant primal buff to make it more competitive with other classes.
  • Chaos Skull: Removed the speed increase for a Chaos Skull that has been split.
  • Pyrotechnics: Decreased the cast time.
  • Plate Glass: Decreased the max health.
  • Plate Glass: Increased the rate of shield health decay.


  • Celestial Dome: Decreased the max health.
  • Celestial Dome: Increased the rate of shield health decay.
  • Vermin: Increased the Vermin attack speed when targeting an Arena Orb.
  • Vermin: Added Immunity to area of effect damage.
    • Reduced the Vermin’s health to compensate.
  • Shatter Mine: Decreased cast time for the minimum charged mine.


  • Debris Scatter: Decreased the max travel speed.
  • Debris Scatter: Increased the pellet’s spread.
  • Debris Scatter: Increased the number of pellets created for both charge tiers.
  • Debris Scatter: Decreased the per-pellet damage.
    • The Debris Scatter now sits in a unique place as a formidable close ranged attack that’s less effective at long range.
  • Telekinesis: Overhauled object spawn locations across all maps.
    • This makes pickup times more consistent and makes it more reliable to find objects.
  • Telekinesis: Slowed large object spawn rate.


  • Lightning: Decreased the sustained fire damage slightly.
  • Lightning: Increased the damage of the overcharged shot.
  • Surge Protector: Increased the minimum size of the projectile.
  • Electrosphere: Reduced the size of the area of effect when a fully charged Electrosphere is initially cast.
    • The area of effect now scales up while the spell is traveling. This gives an opponent a moment to dodge a point-blank Electrosphere.
  • Electrosphere: Reduced the area of effect of a fully charged Electrosphere slightly.
  • Shock Sentry: Reduced the max health.
    • This allows push spells to destroy a Sentry of the same charge tier.
  • Shock Sentry: Reduced the max number of simultaneous Sentries to 2.
  • Field Generator: Decreased the max health of all the components.
  • Field Generator: Increased the rate of health decay.
    • Charging the Field Generator now reduces the rate that the health decays instead of increasing the max health.
  • Field Generator: Decreased the buff to the Lightning charge rate.
  • Field Generator: Removed the extra shots for the Lightning’s sustained fire.
  • Field Generator: The max number of simultaneous Field Generators is now 1.


  • Wildcards: Reduced the casting time.
  • Wildcards: Added gaze-based target selection.
  • Wildcards: Increased the travel speed and adjusted the flight path so Wildcards don’t arc as much.
  • Spectral Cloak: Muffled the directional sound of teleports from a player inside the Spectral Cloak.
  • Spectral Cloak: Added an HP buff for the caster’s initial Cloak Crystal.
    • The Spectral Cloak is now a viable reaction to incoming damage.
  • Spectral Cloak: Removed health decay over time.
    • Undamaged Spectral Cloaks will now time out after 15 seconds.
  • Spectral Cloak: Decreased the max health.


  • Spear Forge: Increased the time it takes for the hit marker runes to appear.
  • Aerogramme: Decreased the cast time.
  • Cthulhu’s Grasp: Removed the ability for tentacles to spawn on a Burner-occupied pillar.
  • Burner: Will no longer teleport to a pillar inhabited by Cthulhu’s Grasp tentacles.



  • Chaos Skull: Addressed an issue where players could teleport away from a skull that collides with them without taking damage.


  • Lightning: The Overcharged shot now has a sound effect.
  • Lightning: Decreased the visual intensity.


  • Infernal Contract: Addressed an issue where Infernal contract could cause future embers to not spawn properly.
    • Embers granted by the Infernal Contract will not be usable until the ember collection animation completes.


  • Collision: Raised the low point of player collision.
    • This improves the feel of spell reflection.
  • Matchmaking: Decreased the ping tolerance for matches.
    • This makes match connections more reliable.
    • Friends matches retain their current behavior.