VR Challenger League – Road to the Grand Finals

The VR Challenger League is in full swing now with The Unspoken. Week 2 Cups are complete and the competition is heating up! So far, we’ve filled 9 cups with players from 9 countries. If you missed out, fear not–there is still plenty of time!

Week #3 Registration is open to everyone. Sign up now to start earning points towards a shot at The Unspoken Grand Finals in 2018!

North America Registration
EU Registration

For those participating or planning to participate, we wanted to give you some more details on how this first season will play out.

There are two ways to get to the Grand Finals:

Option 1: Win an offline qualifier

There are TWO offline qualifier events, one each in North America and the EU.

For The Unspoken, those events are Dreamhack Winter (EU) and IEM Oakland (North America). At the time of those events, the current Top 4 online players (based on total points) will be invited to participate in an 8 player tournament. The additional 4 spots will be filled via open qualification matches the first day of the event. These are open spots, so anyone who attends the event can try their luck at qualifying. The winner of the 8 player tournament will receive an automatic invite to the Grand Finals (regardless of their online points).

Option 2: Qualify based on points

Each online cup you play in gives you a shot at points. Cups run every week, up to the Grand Finals in March 2018. The more you play and win, the more points you earn! Offline qualifiers earn additional points and prizes, and open participants can earn points too. At the end of the final online cups, 3 arch-mages from the EU and NA will be invited to the Grand Finals. The 3 will be determined by total points. It could be the Top 3 players on the leaderboard or, if one of those Top 3 also won the offline qualifier in their region, the next player up would be invited. In the event of a tie, all tied participants will compete in a playoff to determine who moves on.

The 2 offline qualifier winners and the 6 online points qualifiers will make up the 8 finalists. All 8 Grand Finalists will then compete for the ultimate prize!

We wish you all the best of luck! As always, if you have questions please join us on The Unspoken Discord, ask us on Twitter, or post on reddit.

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